Tech Against Tanks

We unite technological communities, companies and organizations around the world in order to create rapid response in crisis situations by providing necessary hardware and software solutions. Using rapid manufacturing methods, fast research and development processes, agility of production and vast network of partners we are able to answer directly to requests from people and countries in need.

The campaign was inspired by the words of Ukraine’s Minister for Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov who said that „tech is the best solutions against tanks”. In less than 48 hours since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war we gathered 20 3D printers and over 380 kg of printing material and sent it to Lviv, where a local company already started rapid production of parts for Ukraine’s army and Territorial Defense Forces.

The idea emerged in the minds of Andrzej Burgs (Sygnis), Agnieszka Kranz (TeenCrunch) and Aleksander Ciszek (3YourMind), the creators of this project. Now, we bring together over 20 entities constantly manufacturing parts for various projects for NGO’s, medical facilities, army and many others.

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We coordinate dispersed production centers, aggregate the parts and projects, and send them to those in need. All hands on deck!

3D projects

We maintain and update a database of free-to-use 3D models based on consultations with doctors, military experts and humanitarian aid specialists.

Support Our Cause

We endure and grow thanks to your financial and design support, as well as sharing your production capacity. Your donations and willingness to help allow us to save lives and protect the vulnerable.

Tech Against Tanks founders:

Agnieszka Kranz

Andrzej Burgs

Aleksander Ciszek

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