T4 Quadcopter Mini Drone

Printing parameters


In printing, avoid bright colors of filament !
3D prints must not attract attention, they are to help people in combat conditions.
If you don’t have other materials, remember to paint them with any paints.

Do not send / give anyone failed 3D prints
There is no point in donating 3D prints that those in need will not be able to use. Look out for structural weaknesses and any major distortions.

Any 3D printing material is good
Unless otherwise noted in the description, models can be 3D printed from PLA, ABS, PET-G, ASA and other printing materials.

The more, the better
If you have the ability to not only 3D print, but also assemble a finished solution from it – DO IT. Any kind of help is priceless.

See some room for improvement?
Do you want to submit a tested slice for a specific 3D printer and material?
Send it to us with an information bundle and we will post it here.