Tech for Peace

Project Open Call for Ukraine*

The tragedy of war in Ukraine has touched us all. Instantly, we rushed to help by organizing charities, volunteering, hosting refugees in our homes.

Also we, the Sygnis SA team, got involved in supporting the Ukrainian citizens with our technology and design skills from the very beginning.

During the coronavirus outbreak, 3D printing proved to be a perfect tool to quickly create functional objects. Additive technology eliminated many logistical problems, and the growing popularity of 3D printers allowed hundreds of their users to join the campaign. After all, every piece of gear that helped medics counted.

The current crisis is more serious, so it’s time to mobilize even better. It is time to use technology and ingenuity to bring real help!

Once again, you have the opportunity to show that 3D printing is not just about keychains and plastic trinkets, and that being a “maker” is a true passion and trade.

It’s high time to use our skills. Show that we create not only “designer products”, but above all, innovative, functional solutions, crucial in the crisis conditions.

Let's do it! Slava Ukraini and no more war!

*Our Open Call is not a classic competition. It is an intervention – a search for possible forms of assistance. Of course, we are planning prizes and the Final Gala, but the projects that receive positive opinions will be uploaded to immediately, before the results are announced.
Time and efficiency matter above all.

Ukrainians are our neighbors, we live side by side – we encourage everyone to contact them directly and engage in volunteering to understand the needs of people confronted with war and to design consciously. We also encourage you to contact organizations helping refugees and ask about their needs, which can be solved with simple designs.

The best brief is to follow the situation in Ukraine on the internet: people’s stories, the popular movement, and the Ukrainian people’s will to fight. We also recommend following the activities of the maker movement – improvised accessories, adaptation of objects from everyday life to the realities of war.

Soldiers, medics and civilians are in need on the ground.

There are almost one million migrants in need in Poland, and all the people who are still somewhere on the way, forced to leave their homes.

The project activities will be useful both now and after the war is over, when the time for reconstruction finally arrives.


We believe in the value of human life and want to actively help protect it. We support peace.
We are also not looking for ideas copied from the internet, but would love to see them optimized or improved.*

Design is not duplication, but real responsibility, which here can have a real impact on human life.

3D designs should be optimized for 3D printing (FDM/SLS/MJF/SLA/DLP technologies) for the European network of 3D printing community we co-organize, bringing together both individual enthusiasts and technological market leaders.

We are also open for 2D projects – any expression of commitment to help people in need will be useful.

* In addition to 3D model repositories such as, it is also worth reading, for example, the widely commented and criticized Anarchist Cookbook “guide” so as not to duplicate the ideas contained therein, especially those dangerous to human health and life.

    Projects for both combatants and civilians to help protect their own and others’ health and lives. Protective gear, shields, diversionary and reconnaissance tools, etc.
    Support for hospitals in crisis and for hospitals and field medics, medical equipment.
    Support for refugees, both those on their way and those already outside their homeland – not only products, but also guides, maps, etc.
    Everything that can be useful for rebuilding the country after the war.
    We are all influenced by the positive news coming from Ukraine, photos, posters, recordings. We would like to promote more of such content, motivating to action and showing Ukrainians that they can count on us. Any ideas that can help in activating people, organizing and coordinating volunteers are welcome.
    If your idea does not fit into any of the above categories or oscillates between several – submit it in this category.

If you know directly from people affected by the conflict or involved in aid that they are missing specific design solutions that are not available, do not hesitate to write to us right away at, stating the source of the information – in our Open Call it is the chance for concrete help that counts above all.

3D models in STL format (and possibly STEP or open CAD files) with their translations, visualizations and descriptions.

2D materials (guides, flyers, maps, posters) in PDF format.

    The basic criterion here is the effectiveness/practicality/usefulness of the proposed solution and a real chance of its implementation, both in our conditions and for people bravely working near the front line.
    Projects must be presented in a way that can be fully understood by the target users under crisis conditions. It is worth thinking about them first and foremost. Manufacturing and usage instructions are welcome.
  • We will not take into account the aesthetics of the presentation or the quality of the renders. There is only one award-winning designer on the jury – the rest are people with practical experience, who will place emphasis primarily on the usefulness and technological refinement of the submissions.
  • 3D printing experts from SYGNIS S.A.
  • dr hab. Daniel Zieliński, Faculty of Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
  • CPT Magdalena Kozak, M.D. – Emergency Medicine Specialist
  • Active members of Polish military services, incognito
  • Active members of Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces, incognito
  • Dariusz Aksamit, Science Advocates Association

Our Open Call is addressed mainly to people for whom the reward is the awareness that their project has saved at least one human life.
We ourselves act with such conviction, investing resources and not expecting a financial return of this investment.

All positively reviewed projects will be published on our repository and within the European project to enable their production by maker and companies in Ukraine, Poland and the rest of Europe.

We will also promote the projects in our social media, with tagging their authors. All participants are invited to join the Hall of Fame on the initiative page.

Open Call will award 3 first places and an appropriate number of honorable mentions, depending on the level of entries.

  • Drukarka 3D FDM Adventurer 3
  • Drukarka 3D LCD Foto 6.0
  • Vouchers for purchases in the Sygnis Store
  • Vouchers for free 3D print of any selected model
    (in technologies and dimensions that enable production on machines from Sygnis production park)
  • Possibility of presenting your project during the Final Gala in Cambridge Innovation Center in Warsaw.

If you want to support our initiative and fund additional prizes as an Honorary Sponsor – write to us at

March 11, 2022.
Official launch of the action.

CHANGE OF DEADLINE: June 26, 2022.
Deadline for submitting ideas – it’s a close one, but in a war situation every day counts.
(Projects sent after the deadline will still be considered by us and have the possibility of implementation – however, they will not take part in the competition part)

Jury deliberations (on-line)

Final Gala