below you can find a list of our projects

3D prints for the Air Force

We fulfilled the NDA protected project of mass production of parts for the Ukrainian Air Force. Due to the obligation of secrecy the photographic documentation was not prepared. The order set consisted of 5 parts. We produced a total of 5,000 sets, and thus 25,000 3D prints that went to the front


Original design of a 3D printed fully functional tourniquet. The problem with the availability of market solutions led us towards analyzing the production process of tourniquets from scratch and creating a unique proposal. Tourniquets save lives, so we subjected the project to rigorous testing and in-depth verification by medical and military professionals.

It took us only two months to prepare the prototype. The final version of the prototype underwent laboratory material tests, pressure distribution tests and aging chamber tests. Based on these tests we are preparing a scientific publication documenting their results.

Mass production of the project will start soon.

Reconnaissance drone

We designed a 3D printed reconnaissance drone. The demand for drones emerged at the very beginning of the conflict. Our solution, prepared in consultation with a military aerospace engineer, achieves an average flight time of 4h, a range of about 15 kilometers and has proprietary electronics to prevent tracking and interception of the vehicle.

Help for Lviv makers

We donated 20 industrial FDM 3D printers and over a ton of filaments to makers community in Ukraine. They make designs for the Ukrainian Army, the Territorial Defense Army and for humanitarian aid purposes. They also mass produce Israeli bandages and send them to the front lines.

To organize the transport, in just a few days after the war broke out, we purchased a bus, sent the equipment and materials across the eastern border, and the bus itself was given to the Ukrainian side. Currently, it operates as a shuttle bus, transporting people from Ukraine to the Polish border. During its return it delivers goods taken from the border crossing to the appropriate coordinators.

AK47 accessories

In response to the reported demand for replacement parts and accessories for AK47 rifles, we have made 3D printed grips for sights, barrels and magazines.

We will soon start mass production.


We developed one of the first 3D printed periscope solutions published online for both civilian and military use for reconnaissance. We optimized the design for strength and ease of printing. The model is easily adaptable to plastic tubes of different volumes.

Knee pads / elbow pads

We developed one of the first solutions for 3D printed elbow and knee pads published online. We were also the first to propose a method to optimize the manufacturing process – the pads are printed flat and then heat shaped using the heated table of an FDM printer.

Our 3D model started a design trend, received several modifications and variations, and is produced by 3D printing companies and makers in Poland, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Remote controlled cameras

One of our network members came up with an idea to use some of the electronics from drones to build remote controlled cameras. The idea is to place any camera of your choice (thermal, full HD, etc.) on a simple 3D printed rack with two servos, equipped with a battery and transmitter. This could be operated with any standard drone controller, with up to 6 cameras connected to a single controller.

The author estimates that the range of such a device would be about 2-3 km, which should allow for fairly good surveillance capabilities, especially for protecting maneuvering infantry units. We are in the process of verifying the project.